Resistor Calculator

Color Code to Resistance

You see the colored rings on your resistor? One of them is separated from the others with a gap. That one shows you the tolerance of your resistor. Turn it to the right. Now select the colors of the rings in the menu below and you will be presented with the value of that resistor. Or, grab your multimeter and measure it.

Band 1Band 2Band 3Band 4
Value 1 (MSV)Value 2WeightTolerance


1,000 Ω ±5%

Resistance to Color Code

Just enter the value of the resistor in Ohms, Kiloohms or Megaohms (select in the menu). You will be shown the color code for your resistor. Please note that your value may be rounded.

«Resistance Is Useless»

Vogon Guard


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