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My PC is a Toaster – Literally!

I have been told that a crappy PC is called a toaster. Now I actually had a pretty crappy PC that badly needed a case – in my kitchen. And I had an old toaster large enough to house my mini-ITX components. What els could I do but this:

I wanted it to be as toasty as possible

Like any other toaster you start it by pushing down the lever, and it will gently start to glow. The intensity of the glow can be regulated with the knob at the front.

I don’t know when I have last used a DVD, but this build just had to have two slot loading optical drives at the top. And when you press the butoon that normallly ejects the toast slices, my version will eject both disks instead.

And when you power it down, the glow fades away and the lever pops back up.

I had this old toaster lying around

Let’s see how we get in there