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Coronavirus: lightweight 3D printed spit shield visor

During the pandemic, we are all requested to stay apart reduce the risk of infection, but health workers around the globe risk their own health working very close to patients. The most common way the Coronavirus spreads seems to be through droplet infection: Small droplets of spit are launched into the air when an infected person coughs, sneezes, or even speaks and enter the eyes nose or mouth.

One way to reduce the risk of droplet infection is wearing a face shield. So many owners of 3d printers fire up their machines to help provide this kind of personal protective equipment. However, many of the models that can be found on the internet are held to the head with a rubber band and can be quite uncomfortable, especially if you need to work with them all day.

That is why I came up with my own design, that is very lightweight and worn like glasses.

It can be printed in almost any material, I have used PLA. It requires no support and uses only 13g of material, so material costs are pretty low and the printing is very fast. The nose piece is printed separately and has to be pushed into the main part. That way, you can print it pretty fast, and the print can also be sent in an envelope

The transparent plastic is overhead film with holes for a 4 ring binder. I bought mine on ebay and punched the holes myself. The easiest would be a hole punch that punches all four holes at the same time, but any hole punch will do. The film simply clips onto the print.

Here are the STL-files.