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How to interact with yourself on video

You want to double your talent? Appear twice in the same shot? Interact with yourself, like Casey Neistat? It is not hard, but it is not that easy either!

Casey Neistat has recently made a video, where he talks to his bearded self. Since I run a dual language YouTube channel, I thought I could steal this idea to talk to myself both in german and in english. However, I made a number of rookie mistakes. If You want to try something like this yourself, there are some points you should pay attention to.

Tip No. 1: Get the camera settings right!

We are going to combine two separate shots into one. We should not let the camera decide anything on it’s own, so we set everything to manual. We turn off the autofocus, so that it won’t start twisting the lens in one half of the picture. And we also set aperture and shutter speed to manual so that the automatic won’t start adjusting the brightness in one half. Both happened in my video.

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Welcome to Fluxing!


My real name is Florian, but ever since I have been working with the german medieval rock band Saltatio Mortis many people call me Flux.

I like to build things. In many cases I just intend to get something done with as little effort as possible. But then my perfectionism kicks in and I spend endless hours on totally unimportant details. Or I start out with pretty ambitious plans, and at the end i lose my patience or I run out of time, and then I just hot glue everything, just to get it done. In short, I have a totally chaotic working style. And I like”hardware hacking” – using things differently than intended. All that is what I now call “fluxing”. And that is what my blog and YouTube channel will be about.

I have some very interesting projects coming up. I don’t want to tell too much just yet, but here are a few hints:

  • A high end gas barbecue for about 35,-€
  • A successor for my Macbook Pro: Portable, but much more powerful. And self made!
  • A slow moving camera dolly for time lapses
  • How do you film yourself twice at the same time?

For every blog post there will be a video on YouTube (or the other way around). I will try to show everything as detailed as possible to give you the chance to try it yourselves. But I will also show you you all my (many!) mistakes, so you don’t have to make them yourselves.

All blog posts and videos will be available in german and english language. In the top menu, you can switch languages in the top menu. And every video will contain a link in the top right corner to the other language.

I hope I can help you out with your own projects or inspire you to start new ones. But I am also eager to hear your advice, ideas, and criticism in the comments!
And I hope we all will have lots of fun!